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I can’t believe I’m finally saying that out loud! It feels like we’ve been keeping the biggest secret and it’s finally out and it feels amazing to openly talk about it. We’re adding another lil bebé to our family in early November. My due date is November 2nd but we’ll see when this babe decides to come. Maybe he or she will wait until November 4th because that’s my mamas birthday. I’m just a little over 13 weeks right now and FINALLY feeling better. This pregnancy has been rough and 100% different than when I was pregnant with Liam but I’ll go more into detail about that soon in a first trimester update.

We’re so excited to give Liam a sibling and the thought of him being a big brother brings me to tears. He seems to be really excited about the word “baby” floating around but I don’t think he has a clue as to what’s really going on. He does point to the ultrasound pic on the fridge and say “baby” all the time and also says “baby” when we ask him what’s in mamas belly. Cutest thing ever and we can hardly wait to see him with a little baby by his side.




We’ve known we’ve wanted to grow our family for a while and were so so so happy when it finally happen. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to bring another healthy + beautiful little babe into this world.  We found out I was pregnant when I was just a little over 3 weeks pregnant so about 10 weeks ago and it’s been real hard keeping it a secret. I hope this helps explain my absence on social media lately but between soaking it all in and not feeling great, it just felt right.



Thank you so much to each and every one of you for coming along on this HUGE journey with us and I can’t wait to take you along.

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