Natural Teething Remedies

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 11.22.07 AMI’ll never forget when Liam popped his first tooth. We were in Cabo stuck in a tropical storm for 3 days with no flight in or out of Cabo. No power at our hotel + only one restaurant was open and the food was horrible (understandable) + to top it all off, we had a teething baby with the biggest rash on his booty he’s ever had. We used so much butt paste that we ran out of a huge tube and Jeff had to scramble to had to find a pharmacy in the middle of a tropical storm that sold diaper rash cream. Luckily he found this amazing cream that we still order on Amazon to his day. Anyways, the storm + rash cleared up and we were finally able to enjoy the last two days of our trip.

When we got home I was determined to find natural teething remedies that would help Liam so we were a little more prepared next time. And of all the 30+ things we bought here is a list of our top eight. Nine if you include the diaper rash cream from above as babies tend to have more acidic stools while teething which can cause rashes. The best part… they’re all under $20.

  1. IcyBite Ring Teether This is probably the most forgotten about teether that babies actually love. Pop this in the freezer and let your baby go to town. Liam loves his and we always have a couple in the freezer ready to go.
  2. Baltic Amber Necklace I swear by this necklace and Liam still wears his everyday. We used to take if off at night when he was a baby, now we just leave it on. Baltic Amber is an Organic tree resin mineral, one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind. It’s a natural medicine great for teething pain + drooling. It produces a calming effect and reduces fussiness. We get asked about it all the time and I truly believe it works.
  3. Baby Washcloths Soak these in water and throw them in the freezer and let your baby to suck on them. The numbing and cooling factor will help ease babies gum pain.
  4. Banana Teether + Toothbrush The thick bristles on this brush help massage sore teething gums + also helps develop good oral hygiene.
  5. Frozen Pop Tray  These are awesome because you can keep them and use them with toddlers and kids too. So easy to make a healthy shake and freeze it into a popsicle for your little one. I’ve also seen mamas freeze breastmilk into these.
  6. Teething Gel A fast acting teething gel that soothes their little gums + the silicone bristles gently massage their gums.
  7. Teething Drops  Another one of our favorites that always seem to relive pain almost instantly. We usually do two little drop packets at a time and it works wonders.
  8. Mesh Food Feeder We always used these, probably until Liam was about a year old. You can put anything you want in there, we mainly did bananas, strawberries, watermelon, and ice cubes when he was teething.

I hope these help make those sleepless nights a little bit shorter. Please share any teething tips you have below. I would love to hear your experiences; what worked + what didn’t.

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