The Shit they don’t tell you about having a baby!

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Lets get real! Liam has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. He brings so much joy to us and everyone around us it’s unbelievable. He teaches us patience and encourages us to just be better humans all around. But I wanted to share with you some not so fun and plain ugly truths that most people don’t tell you about having a baby.

Here we go…
  • It’s hard. It’s really really hard and at times you will feel alone. Between the late night feedings and diaper changes you will feel like a zombie and not yourself at all. The first few weeks were the hardest for me until we got into some what of a routine and then it just got better and better from there. I promise it always gets better! But be prepared for your life to do a complete 180, or is it 360? Whatever, you get the point.
  • You won’t be able to see your vagina. Everyone always talks about how you won’t be able to see your feet, but honestly who cares about not being able to see their feet? But to bend over as much as you can and not be able to see your vagina is weird! Sorry, TMI but I’m just sayin! The last 3 months of my pregnancy I was definitely doing brail shavings. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
  • Since we’re on the topic of lady bits , your girl down there will hurt after delivery, at least mine did, but I also pushed out a 10 pound baby vaginally. I couldn’t sit normally for at least a week. Freeze some pads before you go to the hospital, they’ll be your best friend.
  • Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as everyone makes it seem. I won’t get into too much detail as this deserves a blog post all on its own (coming soon) but it’s hard, painful and a full-time job. My two cents, find a good lactation consultant, go see her over and over again and buy 89 tubes of nipple cream.
  • Mom guilt, oh good old, mom guilt. Its a real thing! Sometimes I look at my phone for more than 5 minutes and it makes me feel guilty because I “should” be spending time with Liam. And can we talk about leaving him over night at grandmas house…I’ve cried EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!
  • You will worry. Like, a lot! Over small stupid things like “is one tube of sunscreen enough for a 5 day vacation?” To big things like “What if I die?” “What if my partner dies?” I still worry about if his car seat is installed properly and I can assure you, it is!
  • Your relationship with your significant other will change especially in the first few months and you will be okay with it. Obviously it’s something you BOTH will need to work on but in the beginning all your focus will be on the precious new bundle of joy you brought into the world. I used to get mad at Jeff for the smallest and dumbest things like “you’re not swaddling him properly” or “dont hold him like that!” I had to check myself and learn to let go. He is learning along the way, just like I am.
  • You will change. And I’m not just talking about your body. You as a person will change, there will be times where you will feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore because you’ve changed so much. Not necessarily for the worst, I feel like I am more myself right now than I ever have been but there are certain things I miss about my pre baby self. Like beer! I used to love beer and now I hate it, so random but its true, pregnancy can even change your love for certain foods and drinks.
  • Everyone will have their opinion on everything you do when it comes to a baby. There were definately times that I looked at some people and kindly told them I was a first time mom (even though they already knew this) and we were going to figure things out through trial and error. These were people I didnt want advice from. And other times it was actually very valuable advice given. Just take it with a grain of salt and know when to listen but dont be afraid to tell people that you dont want their opinion.

Some days are harder than others but motherhood is the best hood around and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I would love your input, please leave your two cents below!

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